7 Seasonal Home Maintenance Tips to Sell Your Home

Routine home maintenance will ensure that your property is in the best possible condition if you ever decide to sell. When the time comes to list your home for sale by owner, you’ll want to get the best price possible. If your home requires repairs, you’ll want them completed long before the property is listed.

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Now, read on as we share seven seasonal home maintenance tips to sell your home.

1. Fresh Coat of Paint – Inside and Out

A fresh coat of paint on the inside and outside of your home will bring back its luster. A prospective homebuyer’s first impression of your home is often determined by the state of the paint on the exterior. Your home can give an impression of neglect if the paint is faded or peeling off in spots. It is also important to give attention to the exterior house color as certain colors can attract more buyers and sell for more than the listing price. The same holds true for a home’s interior paint job. If a prospective buyer walks into a dull and lifeless house, it will be difficult for them to imagine living there.

Since painting the exterior of your home depends upon good weather, it is best to avoid painting during hurricane season in Florida, which occurs June 1 through November 30. Winter is likely the best time for exterior home painting. In the Miami area specifically, the average high in winter is about 76 degrees, with an average low of 64 degrees. Additionally, the winter months only average four days of rain.

2. Check for Damp, Mold and Leaks

Even a minor leak can cause significant problems in your home. Stains, mold, and mildew can all result from water damage, as well as cause damage to your walls and flooring. If the leak causes damage to the floor, you may notice the wood or tiles warping. Additionally, a leak may emit an unpleasant odor. Water damage remediation and restoration can be an expensive process, which is why it is critical to identify any leaks as soon as possible. Leaks in the home are frequently caused by the water heater, faucets, and sump pump. When checking for leaks, don’t forget to check the attic and basement too.

Establish a routine for inspecting these areas of the house. For instance, incorporate this into your home’s end-of-summer maintenance checklist.

3. Look for and Seal Off Any Entryways for Pests

Pest control is a critical end-of-summer home maintenance tip. Apart from being an annoyance, pests can cause significant damage to your home and even pose a health risk. Rodents, cockroaches, carpenter ants, and mosquitos are common Florida pests. Even if you keep your home free of food debris that attracts pests, they can still enter through the tiniest of openings. While indoors, inspect your doors, baseboards, and window frames for cracks. If you discover any cracks, carefully seal them. Don’t forget to check the attic, as any water damage can also invite pests to establish a home.

4. Double check Safety Devices

Each year, you should conduct an in-depth inspection of your home’s security devices. Is there a functional fire extinguisher in your home? Are the smoke and carbon monoxide detectors equipped with new batteries?

Ensure that the fire extinguisher is easily accessible. For instance, keep it beneath the kitchen sink or hung on the wall of your pantry. You do not want to be scrambling to locate it in an emergency. When it comes to battery-powered devices, such as smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors, you can almost always use the device’s test button. Consider performing monthly tests on the device and replacing the batteries at least once a year. Consult the manufacturer’s testing recommendations if you have any additional home security devices, such as cameras or alarm systems.

Living in a hurricane-prone area of Florida, it is essential to conduct a yearly inspection to ensure your home is equipped with the proper safety features. When the time comes to list your home for sale by owner, you want to be able to tell prospective buyers that you have maintained all safety devices in the home.

5. Inspect Electricity and Plumbing

Electrical and plumbing work on the home can also be done almost any time of the year. A qualified electrician should inspect and certify all electrical components to ensure they are in good working order and comply with applicable regulations. Additionally, inspect the water heater as an unexpected leak or burst could result in a costly problem later. The same is true for any plumbing work. Drains should be inspected regularly and cleaned out at least once a year.

6. Check Condition of Roof, Gutters and Driveway

It is critical to inspect the roof and gutters before hurricane season begins. If you are selling, keep in mind that buyers may be “put-off” because a roof requires replacement or repair. Additionally, inspect driveways and the sides of the property for uneven ground that could cause water pooling near the property, resulting in a damp problem.

7. Trim Trees and Maintain Garden

Trim tall trees and large bushes to avoid accidents or property damage during windy periods. Throughout the year, strive to keep your garden and outdoor areas in good condition. Doing so will also aid in the survival of seasonal plants by allowing them to thrive in unfavorable conditions. For more in-depth gardening tips, see our recent blog article here.

Regular and timely maintenance is critical to avoiding a backlog of costly repairs that may have to be delayed due to inclement weather. Always seek advice from reputable service providers and remember to enquire about any product’s guarantees or warranties, as this will save you money on maintenance and servicing.

Bonus Tip: Make Sure Your Garage Door Works

The garage door is an integral part of a home’s appearance and curb appeal, as well as an essential item to consider when crossing items off your home maintenance tips list. A functional garage door’s critical components include its balance, contact sensor, tension springs, and tracks.

A garage door is prone to malfunction from time to time — consider how frequently you open and close it each year. Preventing emergencies and extending the useful life of your door is best accomplished through proactive and routine overhead door maintenance. Regular maintenance appointments help extend the life of your garage door while also avoiding expensive and frequently inconvenient emergency repair appointments, not to mention improved garage door safety.

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