7 Tips for Maximizing the Curb Appeal of Your Home

There is no denying that it is a sellers’ market in Miami-Dade County right now. Houses are selling faster than ever before, and many residents are thinking about selling their homes themselves. If you’re planning to sell your home yourself, we’ve got some advice for you to ensure a fast and profitable sale. Here are seven quick and easy tips to maximize your house’s curb appeal.

1. Spruce Up Your Landscaping.

Clean landscaping is the easiest way to boost interest in your home. Cut back any dead debris and clean up all trees and bushes. Additionally, clean up all dead leaves and weeds. Tidying up your landscaping ensures your home is on full display and not hidden by overgrown vegetation. Planting colorful plants and flowers also helps with curb appeal as it conveys a feeling that the house is bright and inviting.

2. Take Good Care of Your Lawn.

Staging your lawn is just as important as staging the inside of your home. A well-manicured lawn can go a long way in painting a picture for a potential buyer. Ensure your yard is clean and tidy, put away garbage cans/recycle bins, and pick up any toys or bicycles. Keep your lawn freshly mowed, trimmed, and edged. We understand that you have an endless to-do list, so you may want to get help from a trusted local landscape company.

3. Make Your Front Door Stand Out.

Have you ever seen a bright white house with a navy blue or cranberry-colored front door? The door’s contrast against the home makes you feel as if the home is drawing you inside. Spending time repainting your front door is a relatively easy and cost-effective way to draw in a potential buyer. If you’re nervous about tackling this job, there are plenty of YouTube videos to help you through the task at hand.

4. Lighten Up.

Sounds simple enough, but many homeowners overlook lighting. Many potential homebuyers will do a drive-by at night to get a feel for the neighborhood. Making sure you have a well-lit walkway is not only safer, but it is also welcoming to your neighbors. If you already have outside lighting, make sure that it is clean, dust the spiderwebs away, and make it as inviting as possible.

5. Give Your Mailbox a Makeover.

Depending upon where you live, you may not have much flexibility as it relates to your mailbox. However, everyone will notice a mailbox that looks like it has seen better days. If possible, ensure that the post looks clean, give it a fresh coat of paint or stain. If your mailbox needs more repair, you can replace it fairly easily at an inexpensive cost. Get out your DIY hat; you can do it! Additionally, you can plant a few colorful flowers around the base for extra life and pizazz.

6. Scrub Your Gutters.

All buyers express concerns about roofs and ask the same questions: How old is the roof? Are there any leaks? When was the last time you had maintenance done? While roofs are critical, it is essential to remember that they will also notice your gutters while examining the roof. Having a clean roof and gutters makes a huge difference, especially if there is any algae growth. Make sure you reattach any loose gutters. Remember, potential buyers will judge your entire house based upon your roof and gutters; if you have neglected them, the buyer will get the impression that you have neglected the whole house.

7. Create a Well-Designed Path.

Create a path toward your home. A well-designed path will give potential homebuyers the impression that they are on a journey towards their new home. You can use stone or brick but make sure that, like everything else, it is neat and tidy. Clean up any weeds that pop through the cracks. Utilize mulch and plants on the sides for added benefit. A clear, unobstructed path makes your home look inviting and tells the story of what a buyer’s life would look like in your home.

Bonus Suggestion

Although it’s not a curb appeal issue, if you are selling your home we suggest that you look around the HVAC units on the outside (compressor) and the inside closet (air handles) to check for mold. Since these areas have cold air hitting the hot and humid outside air (condensation), it creates the perfect conditions for mold to appear. We recommend cleaning the area well with a bleach-type sprayer to prevent the problem of mold from costing more money and delays.

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