Frequently Asked Questions

90% of buyers are searching for homes online, without a realtor. Technology has refined the Real Estate sales process.


1. Who is behind Abode1?

Abode concept was created by experienced real estate professionals that have been in business since 1980. The Fernandes family has owned and operated The Oxford Group of companies, a real estate development, general contracting and brokerage conglomerate, for the past 50 years. They have seen the complete transformation the brokerage business has taken due to advances of technology. Marcelo Fernandes, as the licensed broker, has created Abode1 to allow any owner of real estate to sell their properties by taking advantage of all the tools and marketing forces available at a fraction of the costs.

2. Is Abode1 a traditional discount real estate brokerage company?

Abode1 is NOT a traditional discount broker company. Our exclusive service is for Sellers and Buyers that want to get excellent service and professional advice without paying a full retail price. For Buyers Abode1 offers direct access to the owners of the properties we market for sale. This cuts out the middle man and allows buyers and sellers to save thousands of dollars in fees. If you do not find your dream home listed by Abode1, one of our professional agents can assist you to find your home. At closing Abode1 will give you a 1% credit of the purchase price at closing.

3. Does Abode1 represent the interests of the buyer or the seller?

Abode1 can represent both buyer and seller. In each case Abode1 offers experience and professional service at a reduced cost to our clients. Abode1 will have a fiduciary relationship with their client. In cases where Abode1 represents both buyer and seller in the same transaction, its role will shift into a Transactional Broker. This is a common practice for all real estate brokers in the industry when only one broker is involved in a transaction.

4. Why should I use Abode1 to buy my home?

For Buyers Abode1 offers direct access to the owners of the properties we market for sale. This eliminates a middle man and allows buyers to potentially save thousands in the purchase price of their home. If you do not find your dream home listed by Abode1, one of our professional agents can assist you to find your home. If you buy a home using an Abode1 as your agent, where the property was being offered through a cooperating broker paying a Buyer’s Broker commission, Abode1 will give you a 1% credit of the purchase price at closing.


1. What are the benefits of buying a home with Abode1?

Buyers get direct access to an experienced staff of real estate professionals dedicated to giving our customers the best service and advice possible at very low costs. Seller’s typically pay all broker fees in a transaction, When the Seller is paying less fees to sell their home this usually results in passing on savings to the Buyer. If you are buying a home with an Abode1 agent where the property is not listed with Abode1 then we will give you a 1% credit of the purchase price at closing. Either way buying with Abode1 saves you money!

2. As a buyer, do I have to pay Abode1 any fees?

There is a $350 processing fee charged at closing. Buyers do not pay any broker commissions to when using an Abode1 agent or buying a property listed by Abode1. If you use an Abode1 agent to represent you when buying a property listed by another broker, Abode1 will pay 1.0% of your purchase price for you at closing.

3. How is buying online different than traditional home purchases?

In today’s market, over 90% of buyers and sellers are doing all their research online. Also, most real estate brokers and agents advertise online. Therefore, detailed information on most properties such as photographs, videos, floor plans, specifications, sales history and much more are available online. This saves buyers and sellers much time and effort in this process and therefore should be reflected in the fees they pay. With the advances of technology and the worldwide internet, the majority of the work for buying or selling a home is primarily done online. Abode1 professionally assists buyers and sellers to make this process efficient, secure and valuable.

4. Will you support both the buyer and seller through the process?

Abode1 can support both Buyer and Seller throughout the entire process.

5. How do I submit an offer?

In the State of Florida, a Buyer has three options for drafting a contract to submit an offer to purchase real estate: Draft it themselves, hire a real estate broker, or hire a real estate attorney.

The options below offer the use of a professional to get this done:

  1. If you are a buyer without any representation and have been dealing directly with the Seller of the Abode1 listing, then Abode1 can prepare the contract offer for you free of charge.
  2. If you are a buyer being represented by an outside broker or agent, then they will prepare the offer and submit it on your behalf. Your agent will be looking to receive a commission or fee for their work which will need to be specified in the contract offer.
  3. A buyer can also seek a real estate attorney to prepare a contract offer. The attorney will charge a fee for their service. If this your option of choice, and you do not have an attorney to represent you, Abode1 offers a list of trusted and preferred attorneys and closing agents for your review. Click here to view the list of preferred vendors.
6. What risks should I be aware?

Purchasing real estate involves a large sum of money. Any high value transaction requires care and expert advice. The founders of Abode1 have over 35 years of experience and have been involved in over half a Billion Dollars of real estate transactions. Our team will carefully guide you through the entire process and make sure you have all the necessary information and facts necessary for you to make well informed decisions.

7. Is it easy to schedule a home tour?

Abode1 uses the latest technology to assist buyers with communicating directly with Sellers to schedule a home tour at a mutually convenient date and time. You can schedule via text, email or directly via the app.

8. Do I need to be pre-qualified?

Abode1 does not require a buyer to be pre-qualified but we highly recommend it. It is the Seller’s choice to require a buyer to be pre-qualified to tour a property or to accept a contract offer. If you need a reliable source to secure a loan, Abode1 has a list of preferred vendors that have been vetted and are trusted to give excellent service.

9. What if I want a traditional realtor to help me through the purchase?

You are free to use a buyer’s agent when purchasing an Abode1 listing. Your agent will contact the Seller and represent you throughout the entire process.

10. What if I choose not to purchase at the last minute?

You can research and visit any property listed by Abode1 at no cost and without any obligation to purchase. Once you sign a purchase contract you will be committing yourself to the terms and conditions of that contract. Abode1 can offer professional advice to help you fully understand your obligations before you execute any contract.

Hire an Abode1 Agent and receive a credit at closing.

Buyers & Sellers save with Abode1.