Oxford Construction Group Takes a Multi-Dimensional Approach to Real Estate

Miami-Dade, Florida – Marcelo Fernandes is a licensed State-Certified General Contractor and a licensed Real Estate Broker managing his own brokerage firm, Grove Properties. His company specializes in the purchase and sale of investment opportunities (in real estate and business), concentrating on luxury single-family homes owned and controlled by his parent company, Oxford Universal Corp. As the chief financial officer of all the family investments, he provides leadership, vision, and direction for all the companies. His success stems from his ability to develop and implement a winning business model and organizational strategy that propel each company into a leading and dominant position, ensuring success.

An honors graduate from Ransom Everglades High School in Miami, Florida, and Washington and Lee University in Lexington, Virginia, Fernandes earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in Computer Science and English. He has participated in various transactions throughout his career, including the development and construction of commercial and residential sites, offices, warehouses, residential townhouses, multi-family, duplex, condominiums, multi-family, and estate homes.

“Buying or selling a home is not one-dimensional,” Fernandes explains. “Our team can provide our clients with a multi-dimensional perspective on the process they are embarking upon. We have experience with project developments and investment opportunities, and our extensive history and contacts within the banking industry open various channels for clients to pursue.

“Our construction division, Oxford Universal Corp., provides a unique opportunity for clients to see the maximum potential of a property. We can provide a detailed accounting of a job’s cost and scheduling with a general contractor to enable the client to make an informed decision. With over 30 years of general contracting experience and our relationships, our clients can tap into resources that allow them to develop a complete and unique perspective. This may provide options that would have otherwise gone unnoticed with a one-dimensional realtor service.”

In 2020, Fernandes launched Abode1, a NextGen full-service virtual real estate company, to kick traditional real estate transactions and For Sale By Owner services into the next generation. The company provides all the professional support a home seller needs to list, show, and sell their house for its fair market value for a one-percent fee. Abode1 connects buyers directly to sellers – instead of referring them to a listing agent that, most of the time, is not even the listing agent but a realtor that pays the search engine provider for a lead.

While Abode1 offers home sellers in Miami-Dade a competitive edge in multiple ways, one of the most significant is the ability to negotiate the fee with the buyer’s broker at the time of the contract offer.

“When Abode1 lists your property on the MLS, we are unique as we established no contractual obligation to the buyer’s broker if one is involved in the transaction,” says Fernandes. “Instead, Abode1 assists our sellers in negotiating any cooperation broker fee during contract negotiations. This is how it should be, as the fee should reflect the entire contract offer’s price, terms, and conditions. This is an advantage you cannot enjoy with a traditional real estate transaction in which the buyer’s broker typically commands a 3% commission regardless of the contract offer.

“By using the MLS and new efficiencies in printing, video, photography, and online solutions, Abode1 provides professional real estate services at a fraction of the cost while maintaining high standards of quality. Our comprehensive, virtual support encompasses all the tools a seller needs for a one-percent fee. There are no hidden surprises. We’re excited to continue to serve buyers and sellers in the Miami-Dade area with the same care and precision we have always provided, with a fresh, modern, and technologically advanced approach.”

Click here to download your free guide, 7 Secrets Every Seller Must Know Before Selling Their Home. For more information, visit www.abode1.com or contact Abode1 at 800-921-4806.

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