Selling Your Miami-Dade Home on Your Own? 5 Vital Practices to Follow

No doubt, the decision to sell your home isn’t always an easy one, even if you need more space to accommodate your growing family, want to downsize or feel ready for a change. The process of selling a house on your own can be intimidating and complicated, especially if it’s your first time working without a real estate agent. Without the assistance of a real estate professional, you’ll have to handle all the essential selling elements yourself, including:

  • Determining an appropriate listing price
  • Marketing your home online
  • Taking professional photos
  • Completing the closing contracts

For Miami-Dade sellers who want to take the realtor (and their commission) out of the selling process, Abode1 offers the perfect solution. We provide the virtual professional assistance you need throughout the selling process for a flat 1% fee. And we even give you, the seller, the ability to negotiate with the buyer’s broker if one is involved in the deal without being contractually obligated to 3%.

How does it work?

What makes Abode1 unique is that we have no established contractual obligation to the buyer’s broker. Instead, Abode1 assists our sellers in negotiating any cooperation broker fee during contract negotiations. This is how it should be, as the fee should reflect the entire contract offer’s price, terms, and conditions. Abode1 offers an advantage you cannot enjoy with a traditional real estate transaction in which the buyer’s broker typically commands a 3% commission regardless of the contract offer.

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5 Vital Practices to Follow When Selling Your Miami-Dade Home On Your Own

After 35 years of experience in the real estate industry and half a billion dollars in successful South Florida real estate transactions, the Abode1 team knows what it takes to sell your home. Read on to discover five vital practices that will help you streamline the process and sell your house in a realistic timeframe.

1. Think Like a Buyer

Perhaps one of the best things you can do during the sales process is to spend some time walking in the shoes of prospective buyers. Taking on the buyer’s mindset can be a challenge since you’ve invested years into your home, and it holds many memories. However, this approach will help you see things more objectively. What are the positive attributes that will likely attract buyers? What are the negative attributes that might turn potential buyers away?

Create a profile of the type of people that may be interested in purchasing your house by considering important factors like:

  • What kind of stores, restaurants, and amenities can you find in your neighborhood?
  • Would your house be a good fit for newlyweds, a large family, or a retired couple?
  • Do you live in a family-friendly neighborhood or an up-and-coming business or party district?

When you have an idea of the type of individuals interested in your home, you can take measures to attract that specific demographic. For instance, if young families live in your neighborhood, you might decide to highlight your home’s backyard space.

2. Invest in a Professional Real Estate Photographer

Using your smartphone to take pictures of your property might seem like the ideal option since it’s fast and free. It also might be one of the worst decisions you can make during the sales process. Before you create a listing on any popular real estate classified website like Zillow, consider hiring a professional real estate photographer rather than taking the least expensive option. Amateur photos can undermine the value of your house.

A report published by PR Newswire revealed that listings with professional photos of the property sell 32% faster than those with standard photos. High-quality visuals are bound to capture the attention of interested parties and inspire them to schedule an appointment to see your home in person.

3. Abide by Florida Real Estate Laws and Regulations

Whether you’re selling your house on your own or considering hiring a real estate agent, it’s essential to educate yourself on Florida’s real estate laws and regulations. Keep in mind, selling a home is a legal transaction, and you’ll need crucial legal documents like property deeds, proof of identity, shared freehold information, and tax declaration forms. Sellers also have a legal duty to disclose critical information such as defects in the title deeds, problems that affect the structural or essential components of the home, and any legal claims on the property.

4. Host Open Houses

Buyers come across dozens of “for sale” listings daily. One of the best ways to gain exposure is to host an open house. An open house is a public event that allows anyone to come and view the property for sale, and when it’s well-organized, it lures in prospective buyers. You can leverage social media, place signs at local businesses in the area, and use word-of-mouth marketing to generate buzz.

Here’s the trick: For an open house to be successful, you must execute it properly. Keep these factors in mind when planning:

  • Schedule your open house on the weekends when people are likely to be available.
  • Advertise the open house date/dates online.
  • Make sure your home is up to par by making repairs and cleaning it thoroughly.
  • Consider staging your house so that it’s aesthetically pleasing and inviting.

5. Choose Abode1: A Professional and Affordable Service for Selling Your Home

Selling your house on your own may seem like a great option for eliminating the middleman and saving you money. However, navigating the process and the legalities involved can be challenging. Experienced real estate professionals have the professional and personal networks to sell homes quickly, using the correct legal documentation.

With over three decades of experience selling homes in Miami-Dade, Abode1 can do everything a traditional realtor does, except go to your home. From listing and pricing to closing the deal, we handle every aspect of the selling process — all for a modest 1% fee. And, as we mentioned, one of the most significant advantages Abode1 offers our clients is the ability to negotiate with the buyer’s broker if one is involved in the real estate deal. We will help you negotiate any cooperation broker fee during contract negotiations, an advantage you cannot enjoy with a traditional real estate transaction in which the buyer’s broker is contractually protected by the MLS listing to command a 3% commission regardless of the contract offer. Not with Abode1. You get all the advantages of MLS exposure without the high fee commitment.

Learn more about Abode1 and our services today by giving us a call at 786-733-1320 or fill out our contact form, and one of our agents will reach out to you.

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