What Are the 5 Most Important Rooms In Your House for Staging?

When you show your house to prospective buyers, you want to make sure they see its full potential. That can be hard to do if your home is cluttered, poorly lit, or just plain messy. Investing in-room staging allows the beauty and functionality of your house to shine.

Room staging is more than decorating or superficial renovations. It is an all-out makeover that turns your house into a model home. Yes, it costs money and effort, but the investment pays off: staged homes sell faster and fetch higher prices than comparable non-staged properties.

Your goal is to align with the buyer’s vision of their dream home, to help them imagine your house as their home. How do you make this happen, and which areas of your property should you prioritize?

1. Exterior

Your driveway, front yard, and home exterior are the first thing potential buyers see – and you don’t want them to look at peeling paint, missing shingles, and a sickly yellow patch of lawn overrun with weeds.

Now is the perfect time to invest in some curb appeal. This effort may include painting, power-washing, replacing broken shutters, trimming hedges and trees, and landscaping. Depending on the season, you might want to spruce up your lawn, plant flowers, add a neat gravel walk, or set up a cozy and inviting front porch or deck.

Try to observe your home’s exterior like an impartial stranger: do you like what you see? Is this the kind of property you would like to visit?

2. Living Room

The living room will likely be the first area visitors see as they walk in from outside. This space is where people relax, socialize, entertain, and spend a good portion of their free time. Strive to cater to this and create an atmosphere of warmth, comfort, and enjoyment.

Make the most of available space and natural light. Remove clutter and everyday mess, leaving well-chosen, strategically placed furniture. At the same time, room staging shouldn’t leave an area wholly impersonal and cold. Add touches such as books, flowers, indoor plants, and art pieces for color and interest.

Light-colored wallpaper, paint, and rugs will make a room seem larger and brighter. Avoid dark, heavy curtains, and any décor that looks too fussy or outdated.

3. Dining Area

Whether you have a separate dining room or an informal dining area next to your kitchen, it should be a cheerful, uncluttered, and inviting space. Furniture size will make a significant difference in people’s impressions.

Pay attention to furniture size and placement. If your dining table is too long and heavy for the room, or there are too many chairs squeezed in around the table, your dining area may seem oppressively crowded. If your furniture is too small, the room may look empty.

Add a bit of personality and make the room more attractive with a cozy centerpiece, a vase of flowers, a fruit bowl, or a rug. Laid-out dining sets and artfully folded cloth napkins will help people enter the atmosphere of a festive dinner.

4. Kitchen

Many people spend considerable time on meal prep. The kitchen should reflect this with ample lighting, functional, uncluttered counters, and plenty of storage space in the cabinets.

The number one attribute of your kitchen should be cleanliness. Make sure your counters, sink, tap, and all your appliances shine. Clear your refrigerator of all magnets and sticky notes, and store any unattractive elements, such as the garbage can, out of view.

You can leave some appliances on the countertops – a stylish coffee maker and a state-of-the-art juicer, for example – but do this in a way that enhances space and functionality. Remove the old toaster, dented teapot, and overcrowded mug rack out of potential buyers’ sight.

5. Master Bedroom

The bedroom is where people wind down for the night, so room staging here will strive to create a warm and relaxing atmosphere.

The bed will naturally be a dominant element, so utilize props such as a luxurious bedspread, a colorful quilt, and plump fluffed-up pillows. A bedside table with a cozy reading light and a couple of well-chosen books is an excellent addition.

The bedroom is an area people don’t usually visit, so homeowners tend to overlook it when staging their property. Remove personal clutter, collections of knick-knacks, chargers, and the dirty laundry hamper. Make sure your closet is not too overstuffed to shut comfortably.

If your bedroom leads to a bathroom, your visitors will likely peek in, so make sure it is clean, orderly, and well-aired.

Staging your home for buyers might be a challenge if you’re still living in it. Overcome this by moving as much stuff as you can into storage and keeping your home uncluttered and clean. If you feel like you need a hand, considering hiring a professional room staging company. Don’t forget to stage your home before having professional photos taken and listing your home for sale.

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